How to Ensure You Continue Receiving White Noise

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Hi there,

There is a chance that you might not have seen my email this past week. If so, the fault lies with Gmail incorrectly placing my note in the “Promotions” tab. 😞

To prevent this from happening again, please whitelist White Noise.

How? It’s simple!

  1. 👋Either reply to this note with a quick “hello.”

  2. 🎉Ta-da! You now won’t miss any White Noise!


  1. 📩 Select my email from the “Promotions” tab.

  2. 📥Drag & drop it to “Primary” tab.

  3. 🎉Ta-da! You now won’t miss any White Noise!

Still confused? Just watch this 45-second video on how to whitelist an email (it takes only 3 clicks!).

You can also read this week’s post, A Glaring Problemhere.

With sincere gratitude,