In Remembrance of 9/11

A native New Yorker, I still remember the beautiful morning that was September 11th, 2001.

I still remember the expanse of the deep blue sky.

I still remember the taste of that perfect, crisp fall day.

I still remember the routine drive to school.

I still remember eagerly anticipating that afternoon’s playdate with my friend, Steven.

I still remember singing “Happy Birthday” to the twins in my class, Pat and Chris.

I still remember the mood, the atmosphere, subtly darkening.

I still remember parents frantically removing their children from the classroom.

I still remember the teachers’ vacant stares throughout the day’s classes.

I still remember the wrenching confusion as my parents turned on the TV.

I still remember the smoke cascading from the tall buildings.

I still remember burying my face into our brown upholstered couch to hide my tears.

I still remember my disbelief that some angry man named “Ben Landon” would attack something so close to me: my city.

I still remember the clean up

I still remember the anguish

I still remember the missing persons posters.

I still remember the gaping holes left in communities.

I still remember to never forget.

Never forget the smiles.

Never forget the laughs.

Never forget the tears

Never forget the feelings.

Never forget the fear.

Never forget the bravery.

Never forget the smoke.

Never forget the emptiness.

Never forget the funerals.

Never forget the patriotism.

Never forget the flag.

Most importantly, never forget the heroes.

May all rest in eternal peace and forever may God hold America in the palm of His hand.

Today, more than most, my heart and soul are in New York City.

Hug those you love a bit tighter today and say “I love you.”

Every day is a gift,