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This reminds me of a story from Angeles Arrien, born in the Basque region of Spain and later an acclaimed cross-cultural anthropologist. She learned that in some region of the Smoky Mountains (if I remember correctly), when people meet up they don't say, "How are you?" They say, "What's learning you?" ---- Not "What are you learning?" but in my terms, "What's moving/churning inside of you that has you learning something new in your life, almost super-consciously?"

When I attend conferences, I certainly enjoy hearing what expertise a speaker has developed over the years and decades. But the listening moves up a notch or three when I've asked, "I really enjoy hearing what you've learned and the great value it has. But I'm curious to know "What's learning you?" What is your own learning edge, where you're exploring what you know you don't know, even unconsciously?" Many times I've experienced the speaker stop, ponder, and smile, and then launch into a whole new subject with excitement and passion.

This, to me, is a great example of what Tom is point us to...


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I love this. What a powerful statement--"What's learning you?" As though learning were a propellant or accelerant moving people forward. Thanks for sharing, William!

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